Tuesday, 13 April 2010

TFA Tuesday - Oyster Bay Shawl

I love reading craft and design blogs. I love seeing what people are knitting and what they are up to. I also love learning about what other people are inspired by. We all know that I knit a lot, and that I knit a lot with Tanis Fiber Arts yarn. Lately I've been seeing so many beautiful and inspiring projects knit by other talented knitters in TFA yarn, projects that I wish I had knit myself. So because of that I've decided to start doing a planned post every Tuesday called TFA Tuesday that will feature a work of art knit in TFA yarn by someone other than myself. Hopefully readers will find inspiration in these pieces like I do.

So, to kick off my inaugural TFA Tuesday post, I've chosen the beautiful Oyster Bay Shawl knit by GlennaC. (ravelry link, blog link)

Glenna knit this shawl in TFA Blue Label Fingering Weight yarn in the Royal Flush colourway. The reason I've chosen this project for my first post is because it has sentimental meaning to me. Not only is it really beautiful, but Glenna was wearing this shawl last year at the Knitters Frolic when I met her for the first time. Glenna has since become a great knitting friend to me. She is a super talented designer and has done some awesome design work for me this past year.

I love seeing people knit things other than socks with sock yarn. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE knitted socks too, its just really neat to see something as graceful and beautiful as a lace shawl come out of something as humble as a simple skein of sock yarn.

Last week, when I came up with my TFA Tuesday post plan, I knew right away that Glenna's Oyster Bay shawl would be my first featured knit, this morning as I was perusing her blog to find her post about it I discovered that she posted it exactly one year ago today! April 13th, 2009, its as if it was meant to be! Incidentally, today also happens to be my birthday!