Sunday, 16 August 2009

Rainbow cardigan

My Kureyon sock yarn cardigan is coming along very nicely. I've already finished knitting and blocking both fronts. Some people try really hard to make the colours match up when knitting with self-striping yarns like this, I on the other hand, try really hard to not have the colours match up. I think that the way that the colours appear naturally and fluidly is so pretty, and by just letting the yarn do it's thing you end up with a much more organic result. I do sometimes make an effort to end up with a somewhat even distribution of colour (like I did in my Kureyon Hoodie) but other than that, I just knit and watch the colours change on their own.
I thought that knitting a sweater out of sock yarn would end up being a never ending project, but it's really whipping along. This is a fitted cardigan, so it's really not that big, which means not that much knitting. The widest part of one of the front pieces is 54 stitches, that's less than the circumference of one sock!