Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I like the colour blue

So I've made just a little bit of process on my Fiddlehead mittens since last week, but not nearly as much as I'd like. Hopefully a quiet night of cuddling with Stella can make up for the lack of knitting that's been going on these days. I've been very busy dyeing my days away getting ready for the Frolic, it's cut down on my knitting time and mostly my knitting energy. But I was able to finish this mitt and block it. 

It's lovely and I love it, the colours, the pattern, the whole thing. However, remember that pesky fit issue I had the last time I knit this pattern? Well, I'm an idiot for not realizing this sooner, but the pattern is designed to be lined! I thought that since it was stranded knitting that two layers of merino would be plenty to keep my hands warm, which I do still think, however of course the mitt is ending up large because it's supposed to fit a whole other mitt inside of it! It took me a while to figure it out, but now I've finally got it. I'm going to knit the liner using this sample skein of cashmere/merino/nylon that I had dyed up in Plum. it's going to be super soft, crazy warm, and really pretty nice I think. The next time, if I decide to omit the liner, I'll knit the pattern with fingering weight yarn. 

Last weeks sewing success, which I'm going to try and photograph tomorrow, got me really inspired to make/sew more! I got on Etsy and started planning and shopping for my next projects. Since Anna Maria Horner treated me so well the first time, I decided to stick with her and try a couple more of her patterns.

(Can you tell I have a thing for blue?) From left to right we have Sketchbook in Green from her Drawing Room Collection, Tablecloth in Ice from Garden Party, Mingling in Ice (Garden Party), Centerpice in Olive (GP) and Up All Night in Blue (GP). Plus her patterns for the Socialite Dress and the Multitasker Tote. I bought most of the fabric and the patterns at Sew Love Fabrics. The service was quick, the packaging was so cute and she sent along loads of surprises! I'll definitely buy from her again. Here are the bonuses that came with my purchase:

Two coordinating fat quarters from Anna Maria Horners new Good Folks Collection, plus 4 little sample squares of other designer fabrics. Lovely.

So, here are my plans for the fabrics, but I'm open to maybe changing things around a bit. I had intended to pair these two fabrics to make the tote:

using the floral as the main fabric and the squares as the pocket/lining/strap, but I really like the way that this one looks with a third fabric for the strap, so I may have to find a third.

Next I had intended on making another Study Hall skirt using these two fabrics:

Originally I thought that the fact that they were really similar in colour, but slightly different was a good thing, but now I'm not sure, maybe they're two close? I was trying to do that thing that Anna Maria does where she mixes patterns and colours so liberally, I'm not sold on this combo yet, I may look for another coordinating fabric for either print. I don't have a fabric in mind yet for the Socialite Dress, I figure that if I get through these two projects, plus the bag that I plan on making with Sketchbook in Green, then I'll be off to a good start. I'll leave the Socialite Dress for another day.

Last bit of news. I'm engaged!!!

Chris, I and Stella are all thrilled!