Monday, 29 December 2008

Gifts and fun

Christmas has come and gone already, it's always a bit shocking. This year it was just the family for Christmas, often we've had rather large elaborate Christmas's with extended family either home or out of town, and they've always been great, but this year it was just us, and it was really, really lovely. I did a ton of Christmas knitting this year, in fact I knit almost all of my gifts, or at least part of them. I've already shared a lot of what I knit here. For my cousin Lesley it was the snowflake mittens and the little Inga hat, for my sister it was the Noro shawl, my dad got socks, my mom got socks, my friend Jo got socks and a scarf, my brothers got hats (they haven't been photographed yet) I did a lot of knitting... I'm sure I'm missing some.

Mom got the swallowtail shawl, knit in Tanis Fiber Arts yarn in an early variation of my Royal Flush colourway.

She unwrapped it on Christmas morning, tied it around her neck, and hasn't taken it off since! Honestly, she got up before I did, and when I'd come down for coffee in the morning, she'd already be wearing it! I'm thrilled, I think that means she likes it! 

Chris and I attempted to take a holiday photo of our little family... it's tough making a dog look cute when she's all legs! (Note: I'm wearing a new sweater! The Drops Jacket that I started in December got a lot of wear over the holidays, I'll post more about it soon.)

A last little update, my mom loves my colourwheel quilt so much, and is really on a big sewing kick these days, so I bought her the kit, we had tons of fun laying out all the colours and studying the fabrics. it's so neat because though some fabrics I can honestly say I would never have picked myself, they all come together the look really awesome. And it's a totally different bundle from the quilt I made, so we'll have lots of fabric scarps to play with when she's all done, and that's almost half the fun!