Thursday, 2 October 2008

Turn a square hat

Ever since my Fiddlehead mittens, I have become a huge fan of using kureyon yarn with a neutral base. I followed the pattern for brooklyn tweed's Turn a square hat exactly and have reconfirmed to myself why I love this combo so much. Here's the finished result, please forgive my model for being so serious looking in this photo:

And here's a detail shot of how the circles turn into squares at the top of the hat, genius! 

I think that this colour combo is especially successful because it's very subtle in places, like at the top where it fades to very light shades of green and yellow. It doesn't have to scream "Hey! I'm multicoloured Noro yarn!" It still gets the point across. I was so inspired by this combination of yarns that I'm cooking up plans for a classic cardigan for me using this stripe effect, as well as a striped sweater for Stella, but we won't wear them at the same time of course. I was sort of planning on giving this hat to my brother for Christmas, but I'm kind of in love with it, plus I've already worn it a couple times, so I may have to make him another one, I also think that my dad would look awfully cute in a striped hat. Good news is, it's a nights worth of knitting! We may be a very stripy family before I'm over this. 

And just for kicks, this is what passes for very amusing in my household. It a dog with a tiny head wearing a hat!