Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Razor Cami

Back to back posts! Who would have ever believed that this could happen! As anyone who has ever tried their hand at blogging, or even journal writing knows, keeping up to date with it on a daily basis is really hard! For me, I think that hardest part is the photo's. I feel like it's important for a knit blog to have images of knitting, and getting good photo's, with good light, and a non professional camera is pretty tough. But, here I finally got some photos of my finished Razor Cami

I actually finished this little summer number over a month ago on July 8th. But it's taken me this long just to take the pictures. I like the finished result more than I thought I would. I've never tried a summer knit before and assumed that I wouldn't be pleased with the fit. But I've worn it twice already, and that's a big accomplishment for me seeing as how I have upwards of 60 summer tops to choose from in my wardrobe (and that's a modest estimation, I used to be a bit of a shopaholic... before rent and bills became a real factor in my life!) 

I knit this cami using Garnstudio Muskat #47. It's a very bright shade of orange, I probably would have proffered a slightly lighter tangerine colour, this colour isn't really that "me", but I can certainly live with it. I received compliments on it both times I wore it by people who didn't even know that I made it! I think that there's just something about a hand made object that people are drawn to even if they don't necessarily know why. Something that's been hand made always looks special. So, though I'm pleasantly surprised and pleased with the results of my first summer knitting project, and also my first cotton knitting project, I don't know that I'm going to start making tank tops and camisoles in every colour. I will definitely be knitting with this gorgeous yarn again though. I'm a sucker for shiny things, and this cotton has just the right amount of gleam. I really like it's drape too, I think it would make really nice, flattering v-neck sweaters.

On a totally different note, y'know how most knitters have cats, it's kind of a "thing"? Well, I have a dog, but she's remarkably cat-like! She jumps on, off and over the backs of couches, she lays on window sills in the sun-shine, and she LOVES balls of yarn! She loves them kind of in the same way that knitters do, not in a destructive way, but in a loving way. If a ball or skein of yarn is left unattended on the couch, she will always curl up with it, it's very cute. That's another thing she has in common with cats, she sleeps in an adorable little ball shape... next to knitted things. 

Tonight, I've cast on for my very first dog sweater. I never thought that I would be the type of person to make sweater's for a dog, but whippets have so little body fat that they need clothing to stay warm during our cold Montreal winters. Actually, I had to buy her a doggy parka for the actual winter, I think sweaters will be more appropriate for Fall and Spring. I'm keeping it very respectable though, I'm knitting a simple heather grey sweater with perhaps one cable down the center back, no feathers or glitter or silliness for my elegant Stella.