Sunday, 2 March 2008

My favorite new hats

I have a new favorite style of hat to knit and wear. I made these two hats recently, both were intended as gifts but only one actually got given away. They're very lovely and hard to part with! In December I made Shedir from for my brother Vince for Christmas, but in the end found him a gift that I knew he would like better and ended up keeping the hat for myself. I wear it everyday and absolutey love it, the tiny cables and gorgeous crown pattern really make me happy. When Chris wears it around the house and I get to study it on someone else I really marvel at the pattern. Genius!

Next I made Koolhass by Jared Flood. Another lovely pattern with a complex crown and tiny cables. I made this one for Richie for his birthday and actually did manage to part with it this time. It was a reletively quick knit so I'll definitely be making more. I just love showing off tiny cables! Who knew I was so easily amused?