Thursday, 14 November 2013

Golden Oak

Sigh. These two boys. Every time I go to take a picture of them they just pose like a couple of supermodels. It's not fair really. If you haven't noticed, though I'm sure you have, Rowan and Chris could basically pass as twins. I have no problem with this whatsoever. I think that people sometimes assume that maybe I would be upset that he doesn't look more like me? Really? Nope. A mini Chris is pretty much the best thing I can imagine, so I'm very fine with it. 

I have been trying to get some modeled shots of Rowan wearing the sweaters that I knit for him before he was born. I use the term "modeled" loosely here. More like action shots. He wears his knits a lot! I have yet to meet a single knit that I don't love on him. He seems to like them too. Most of the photos that I try to take of him in his sweaters end up looking something like this:
And then Chris swoops in and the two of them make the exact same expression and the whole thing just bubbles over with cuteness. 
Rowan's Little Oak cardigan is a current fave. I love the Gold colourway and the Purple Label Cashmere Sock yarn is so lovely and soft. Fingering weight sweaters are great for this time of year. Over a onesie it fits just fine under his fall coat. Lots of cozy warmth without added bulk. I would definitely knit this sweater again. Next time in Chestnut I think.