Thursday, 25 July 2013

Club - July 2013


When Julie and I divvied up the designing duties for this year's Club the July instalment was allotted to me. With Rowan due in April it seemed like a wise idea to plan for the July pattern ahead of time, so plan away I did. I had the whole thing designed and had even knit up a small template of the shawl I had in mind. We ran out of time and hadn't set on the colourway in advance however. So, when Chris and I finally found the time to develop the July Club colourway we settled on a bright, summery coral. We did a bit of experimenting and finally landed on the Papaya colourway. I love everything about it, it was all working out. There was one small problem however, I didn't think that my original pattern idea was what this colourway really called for. I wanted something modern and graphic, I would have to start fresh. 


I'm really glad that I followed my gut and worked out this new pattern, completely inspired by the Papaya colourway. The Papaya Shawlette combines a crisp cable with graphic lace. I can't say what it was exactly about this colourway that just screamed for crisp, neat design elements, but as soon as I held the final skein in my hand I had a clear vision of what I wanted it to become. Isn't it neat how things work out like that sometimes? Every colour has it's own personality and can almost tell you exactly what it wants to be. 

The July instalment featured TFA Red Label Cashmere/Silk Singly Ply yarn. I never tire of working with this base and think that a shawlette, worn wrapped around the neck, snuggled up to the face, is the perfect thing for this amazingly soft base. 


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