Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas adventures begin!

I had decided that I wasn't going to send out a custom printed Christmas card this year. I figure that next year we'll have an adorable little baby to dress up as an elf and photograph to our hearts content, so this year we could take a break from super cute Christmas cards. But then I started getting cards in the mail, and every single one makes my day. I changed my mind and convinced Chris that we should do a quick photo shoot with our reindeer Stella and print up something quickly to send out to our friends and family for the holidays. 

Epic fail.

xmas bloopers

These are a few of the highlights from yesterday's Christmas photo shoot attempt. Not exactly inspiring! I have to point out Chris' expression in the photo of him with Stella (top right). He hated the antler hat on her. He was convinced that she was totally humiliated and insisted we take it off. Then there's that super weird one of me and Stella kneeling and gazing into each other's eyes like we're in love (we are in love!) Oh well, we tried. 

I wrapped my first Christmas present of the season with lots of love and attention. That awesome little knit print gift tag is a free download here. I printed a sheet on cardstock and then cut the tags out with craft scissors. The bow I made myself out of a sheet torn from a magazine, the tutorial can be found here. It uses a ton of tape and takes a couple of minutes to make, but I think that it's pretty cool!