Monday, 29 October 2012

Good morning pretty birds!


I've decided on the colour scheme for our nursery... multicoloured! I love too many colours to narrow it down to any decisive scheme. Plus, I prefer an eclectic mix to anything too matchy-matchy and "decorated". Add to that the fact that we're not finding out the baby's gender until he or she is born and I think that a neutral room with lots of multicoloured accents is just the ticket! The nursery walls are currently painted a nice, soft cream. The ceiling and closet will soon get a coat of sky blue paint. The trim is white and the rest will be a fun layering in of colour.

With the scheme decided (or rather, a lack of scheme decided) I spent Saturday night with my mom working on a colourful mobile for the baby's room. The mobile I chose is the "Bird Mobile" by Spool Sewing. I pinned an image of this mobile ages ago and when I spotted it again this weekend I was dying to make some colourful birds of my own!


The bird sewing pattern is a free download and is actually very simple. Believe it or not, this is not my first time sewing tiny stuffed birds, this pattern is my favorite for sure. The template provided was for a rather large bird, I opted to downsize it to 80% on my printer and made all my birds this smaller size. They are about 5.5" from beak to tail. I used all leftover stash fabrics from previous projects (most are from my colourwheel quilt). I am beyond thrilled with the results. These colourful little birds with their glorious bright bellies make me so happy. 


I have several favourites. As we cut, sewed and stuffed birds it became apparent that the best fabric combinations were the bolder prints paired with smaller accent belly prints. I just love those striped and polka-dot bellies!  


I took a walk in the woods on Saturday and collected a few stray branches to give these birds something to perch on, but I haven't completed the project yet. For now these pretty birds are just lined up on the edge of my mantle for me to enjoy throughout the day. I forgot that they were there and when I got up this morning and walked down the stairs to find this beautiful row of rainbow birds greeting me I couldn't help but smile.