Sunday, 10 June 2012

Giveaway! The Urban Collection by Glenna C.

Have you all seen the latest collection from the awesome and talented Crazy Knitting Lady, Glenna C? She has been introducing the patterns in a staggered release since February, now they are all out, the collection is complete, and she's given us a masterpiece! I am only slightly biased because this collection features exclusively TFA yarns, which is amazing.

The Urban Collection truly features something for everyone, from sweaters to smaller accessories, lace to cables... Glenna has covered all of our knitting needs. Glenna has mastered effortless, classic style. All of these pieces could become wardrobe staples for years to come.

For all the details about each individual design click on the Ravelry links under the photos. 


The Urban Collection - Sweaters
The Urban Collection - Winter Warmers!
Aberdeen Ave. Hat & Mitts

The Urban Collection - Pretties
Lakeshore Shawl & Hunter St. Cowl

The Urban Collection - Accessories
Queen St. Mitts & Armour Rd. Socks

Glenna has very kindly agreed to sponsor a giveaway this week! The winner will receive the entire Urban Collection pdf!  To enter, leave a me a comment telling me which pattern you would cast on for first. A winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 13.

I know, it is impossible to pick a favourite, I'd like one of each please! The Lakeshore Shawl in Silver Label Mulberry Silk is off the charts gorgeous, but there is something about the Queen St. Mitts done in Purple Label Cashmere Sock in my brightest Lemongrass colourway that really tempts me. 

Source: Thanks to Glenna for letting me borrow all of these lovely photo's!