Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Enjoying the sunshine

Stella in the sun

We have been working very, very hard getting all the Club kits mailed this week (and last week!) This morning as I made the final run to the post office, with a giant bag full of Club shipments slung over my shoulder Santa Clause style, I felt very relieved to have all the kits out of my office and out in the world. 

Stella and I went for a long walk and are spending the afternoon soaking up as much sun as we can on this beautiful spring day. This weather feels like it's too good to be true... so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. 

Stella has picked the sunniest spot on the sofa to lounge. I'm about to go sit with her and work on a new shawl design. I knit a mini shawl as a prototype to see how if my plan would work. Stella is, of course, lying on top of it...


  1. So Cute, Stella is so tuckered out from an active day :-)

    I have a cattle dog/ blue heeler and a maltese. So needless to say the best time of the day is when the dogs fall asleep. Then I get to cuddle them :-)

  2. Thank you for all your hard work for us!!! Yes, this weather surely seems to good to be true - but it is!!!

  3. awww, she's all tuckered out!! Time for a sun nap....

  4. What a wonderful picture of Stella. I always like what light does to hair... I love to look at my kitties 'shining' in a sun bath. Congrats on getting everything out and hopefully next year I can indulge! I can't wait to see what people make!


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