Friday, 5 November 2010

Christmas kid sweater #2

As soon as I finished knitting my first kids Christmas sweater of the season, I immediately cast on for a sweater for the next little on my list. She happens to be child #1's sister. This little girl is my god-daughter and one of my favorite people to knit for! She will be 5 years old in December and was Tinkerbell for Halloween this year, to me, that means that a sweater knit for her needs to be perfectly girly. Pink, purple, rainbow, picot-edge, pretty buttons, the works! For a second I considered knitting her something more unisex, a sweater that she could pass on to her little brother when she outgrew it, but then I thought "Hey! You're only a 5 year old girl once, better make the most of it!" So this sweater is decidedly girly and sweet, possibly too sweet what with the pastels and the bright body, but hopefully a Tinkerbell loving 5 year old girl will like it.

Playful Stripes Cardigan

This is Nevernotknitting's Playful Stripes Cardigan. A really simple, perfect little girl sweater. The hardest part about this sweater is choosing your colours. I knew that I wanted to knit it in Jewel, but picking the contrasting colours was a real challenge! After much deliberation I decided to go with lighter, softer colours instead of making the whole thing in the brightest, boldest colours I've got, I hoped that the softer contrasting colours would help to tone down the overall effect and result in a pretty, girly sweater without being too in your face. I think its working!

Playful Stripes Cardigan

This is TFA Yellow Label DK Weight yarn in Jewel, Ultraviolet, Seabreeze, Sweetheart and Natural (undyed).