Tuesday, 31 August 2010

TFA Tuesday - Katie's Wispy(er) cardigan

Katie is a very old friend of mine. She has lived most of her life in the southern United States, and I've always lived in Eastern Canada, but we've grown up together spending our summers at our family cottages in Nova Scotia. A while back Katie asked me if I could dye a special colourway for her. She's working on a huge TFA project, a blanket out of Green Label Aran weight yarn. She had chosen her colours and thought that a nice pop of chartreuse would round out the scheme she had planned. Since Katie is a good friend, of course I complied and the colourway we all know and love as Lemongrass was born! (I still sometimes think of it as Katie green!)

This summer at the cottage Katie was working on a Wisper/Wispy cardigan hybrid out of Pink Label Lace weight yarn in her custom colourway. It looked great on the needles, and now that its all done it makes me want one of my own very badly!

In her own words, here's what Katie had to say about this knit:

"I used the whisper cardigan pattern, but edited the sleeves to be straight and have ribbing at the cuffs like the wispy cardigan. I like the hem of the whisper, so I didn't add the ribbing there.

It's shown on my dressform, but I made it for someone smaller than me, so it will drape more on her, probably. It took 76 grams of laceweight, so not quite enough leftover to make another, but two skeins of laceweight would make 3 cardigans.

I love the way that the different directions of knitting are evident in the different colors and how the arms turn to orient with the hem. It was a good knit, took about 1 week of off and on knitting and a week of good solid knitting at the Shore."

Absolutely stunning! I love all the lace weight cardigans I've been seeing around lately and this is just the push I needed to start planning my own!

Thanks Katie!