Monday, 14 July 2008

The Gift of Socks

I love giving knitted gifts for Christmas, or any other occasion actually, but Christmas, being in winter, is a perfect time weather wise and other wise to give a hand knit item that can be worn and appreciated right away. The thing is, as all knitters know, you really have to plan ahead if you actually want to have the time to knit a gift for a loved one without going mental. So, it's only July, but I've already gotten quite a head start on some Christmas knitting, exhibit A:

Four pairs of socks!

On the left we have a plain stockinette stitch sock knit out of Tanis Fiber Arts "Stormy" Colourway, and on the right is Craftoholic's Springgrass sock knit out of Tanis Fiber Arts in "Marine". 

Next we have simple twisted rib socks knit out of Lorna's Laces in "Bittersweet" and Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Christmas Balls" colourway.  All four are actually pairs, I just decided to model one of each.

And though this has nothing to do with socks or Christmas, here's the newest member of my family, Stella:
She's an 8 month old whippet and is a total angel! I'm sure she'll become proud knitwear model in the months to come. We just love her.


  1. I should start my Xmas knitting, but I'm no where ready yet to! LOL

    Your new pup is just precious! Love the coloring on the body! Glad that the pup is angel! Hope she won't get into the yarn!

  2. Tanis,

    I have just discovered your yarn at Have A Yarn Shop in Mahone Bay. Check out my blog about the shop--and your yarn:
    Good luck with your yarn business.



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