Friday, 20 May 2011

Weekend plans

Flowers in the Snow afghan

My Flowers in the Snow afghan is officially finished. I love it, Stella loves it, it's a hit! We've had a very dreary, rainy week, I'm hoping for beautiful spring weather this weekend so I can give it the FO photo shoot it deserves!

Garter stitch scarf

Since finishing up the huge undertaking that was my first crochet project (the above gorgeous afghan) I felt like whipping off a quick and super simple garter stitch scarf using leftover blues and greys. Similar to Chris' Fall scarf, but more blue of course. FO posts to come.


  1. Oh my god tans the afghan is amaze me. I just got my skein of chestnut fingering weight yarn. I have been feeling it all afternoon...I also love the fact that your husband knit right along with that is a dream husband...I read your blog everyday and get movative to try new things...keep up the good work.Judy D

  2. I can't wait to see the blanket in all its FO photo shoot glory! That's a great edging, btw. Just wonderful.

  3. I hope you can hear the applause in my comment! Your afghan turned out beautifully - I still have my 80 squares to crochet together but seeing yours has re-kindled the spark to just "do it!"

  4. that afghan is absolutely, incredibly gorgeous - not sure there are enough adjectives to describe how lovely it is! wonderful work!

  5. Lovely! I wish I was so great at crochet. Great work!

  6. I'm the same way- i definitely need a quick and satisfying Fo after working on a huge project (or sometimes even a smaller project when it is going not so awesomely. Your blanket is gorgeous- I love the edging! and that scarf is intriguing.


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