Friday, 6 January 2012

Perfection in a teeny-weeny cardigan

Some time before Christmas I knit a second (but certainly not my last) Gramps cardigan. I love this wee little sweater more than I can say! It's still missing buttons, and it hasn't been blocked, but I'll to all that eventually. The photo doesn't really do the colourway justice. I used leftovers from Chris' Brownstone Pullover, the blue/gray is a bit lighter and softer in real life. Love. This. So. Much. Raveled with a few more details and mods here

Perfection in a teeny-weeny sweater

Wishing everyone a great weekend. I snapped this photo of a few skeins of yarn sitting on a window ledge in my office the other day. The soft shades of grey and blue looked so soothing and lovely in the winter light. 

soothing palette


  1. could you please list the shades?

  2. Sooo sweet!
    Loving all those blues. Its a colour I don't knit with often it seems but I'm determined to this year.


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