Saturday, 16 July 2011

What's my name?

sea-mint scarf

Earlier this summer I was struck with the desire to design and knit a super easy, super cozy, two toned striped scarf. I know, it was a very specific desire, not just a scarf, not just something stripy, I knew exactly what I wanted! Something big and cozy and squooshy, yet lacy! Garter stitch stripes in Green Label Aran weight yarn with eyelet's that looks good on both sides is exactly what I had in mind. I knit most of this scarf at Julie's cottage over the Canada day long weekend. I want the scarf to have the option of being an infinity scarf, so I'm going to sew on fabric covered buttons. I purchased this pretty seabreeze and spearmint floral, thinking that it would make the perfect Granny chic buttons... but now I'm thinking that it's less granny chic and more straight-up Granny. So the search for the perfect fabric continues. 

I was thinking of calling this design sea-mint, since I think that they are both pretty words, they are pulled directly from the colourways used in this scarf, and they kind of sound nice together. But sea-mint also sounds a heck of a lot like semen, and I'm kind of immature, so I'm not sure I can live with that. Any suggestions?


  1. This is lovely. What about Mint Breeze for it's name?d

  2. Beautiful. Why not Mint-Sea?

  3. Dockside Delight
    Lacy Lagoon
    Seaside Salvation

    I need another cup of coffee to generate more names but that's what I got from the first cup. ;o)

  4. How about Ocean Mint or Mint Ocean. No matter what you call it, it's beautiful.

  5. Briny Sea-Mint.

  6. I was thinking it sounded a lot like cement - and that would definitely not be good for that lovely scarf!

    How about:

    Minty Goodness
    Minty Goddess
    The Eye of Mint
    Ahoy Minty Mate
    Minty Ciel (I know it's not sea, but ...)
    On the Wave of Mint

    Good luck with the fabric search. I'm certain you'll find just the right thing.

  7. Sailor?
    Minthe? (the Greek nymph with a lithp)

  8. My first thought was Seafoam, with all the eyelets.

  9. Since you knew what you wanted in the scarf, how about "You Can Always Get What You Want"?

  10. Since you're going for granny-chic, I think this pattern definitely deserves an old lady name. Like Pearl, or Gladys, or Dolores.

  11. How about the name Sea Grass?

  12. I looked at it and thought "Anemone."

  13. Mint from the Sea...


  14. Your wrap reminds me of the last time I visited the Bay of Fundy...the colour of the water and the grass on the cliffs, it was so picturesque! suggestion is Fundy Tide.

  15. The colors remind me of seaglass.

    So - my suggestions
    seaglass scarf
    sky & sea

  16. I'm personally fond of one-word names. Here's what I came up with:

    Mari (from "A Mari Usque Ad Mare")

  17. LOL... I wasn't there until you said it, but now I see the problem :) Good luck with a non-suggestive name!

  18. What about Calypso? She was a sea nymph in Greek mythology . . . just an idea.

  19. What about Calypso? She was a sea nymph in Greek mythology. Just an idea.

  20. It reminds me of the little bits of glass you find in the surf- "Tumbled Sea Glass"

  21. How about mer a la menthe?


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