Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beautiful. Classic. Granny Squares.

Maybe these will become a baby blanket some day...

After completing my first big crochet project (the Flowers in the Snow afghan) I clearly had not gotten the urge to crochet out of my system. I put down the finished blanket and picked up a new colour to start another square. Years ago I spotted this version of the Babette blanket on Flickr, and the colour palette has been on my mind ever since. The warm reds, oranges and yellows are so bright, so fun and so 70's! Since I still had some more crochet juice in me, and no real plan for what I wanted to make, I just started making good ol' granny squares inspired by this fun 70's colour palette. Of course, I couldn't reign in my urge to make rainbows and ended up with some extra purples and dark grey-blues in the mix.

Maybe these will become a baby blanket some day...

I'm thinking of keeping this project on the smaller side and making a baby blanket with these squares.  

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