Sunday, 17 April 2011

More blanket news

Seems like I spend every weekend working on a blanket and then blogging about a blanket these days... I think that's because I tend to spend the week working on more pressing projects, and then on the weekend I can sit, relax, and work on a never ending blanket project while I watch PBS. Last weekend was no exception, it was a blankety weekend. I started by washing and "Gleening" my mitered square afghan, and I am really excited about the results. 

This is the blanket after two years of heavy use, in desperate need of a hair cut:

Mitered square blanket, after close to 2 years of use, needed a hair cut badly!

And this is the same blanket after a trip through the gentle cycle of my washing machine and a good 20 minutes of what I lovingly refer to as "gleening".

Mitered square blanket, after a hair cut, perfect!

It really is as good as new! I was amazed at the results. The blanket is knit in Elann peruvian highland wool, 100% non-superwash wool. The colours are beautiful, the price was right, but it was bound to pill. I was resigned to it, but I'll admit, the blanket was looking very tired. While making a delivery to a LYS a while ago, my mom and I picked up a Gleener, and I think it's changed my life. The results are perfect, the blanket has been given a second life! "Gleening" has officially become an accepted verb in my house, like "googling", and I now run around my house looking for new things to "gleen". 

And, since it is the weekend and I'm feeling very blankety, I plan on spending some time with my current blanket in progress, my Flowers in the Snow crocheted afghan. 

Flowers in the snow - we're getting there!

It is currently 12 x 13 squares! I'm very close to reaching my 12 x 16 square goal, then it'll be border time. 


  1. Oooh, I love your old blanket! The colour combos are so lovely, they look like pieces of old loved sweaters pieced together into a blanket. :)

  2. Yes to gleening!! And I'm with you on having blankety weekends ... I'm experiencing the same thing, being able to sit for longer stretches of time to work on my cozy blanket projects. I'm crocheting the same afghan as you and have just started turning my flowers into squares. It's like magic!

  3. I love that blanket! Especially after gleening. I think I may need to buy a gleener as I have several fuzzy sweaters and it would be nice to have an anti-pill device that actually works!

  4. this is the first I've heard of the gleener, and now I want one!!! Both blankets look great.

  5. I NEED THAT TOOL! Thanks for letting us know about it!

  6. wow! i too want a gleener now! Looks great! Gorgeous blankets!

  7. I LOVE these blankets! With the 12x16 squares, how big do you anticipate the crochet blanket to end up?

  8. I love both of the blankets! They must have taken forever...


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