Friday, 15 May 2009

Stella's Day Bed

I am always trying to come up with ways to make our small loft feel more like a home and less like a catch all. I look forward to the day that my TFA studio work doesn't dominate our entire home, but until then I'm focussing on making the most of what little space we currently have. Since I have so much yarn and so many knitting projects (both on the go and finished) and no storage space, a practical solution for storing projects was an issue. My solution, take my childhood bed and turn it into a day bed! Perfect for storing yarn underneath, and for displaying blankets!

In the above photo, not only can you see that there are boxes stored under the day bed and blankets draped on either end, there is also a vase full of sock yarn scraps by the tv and a basket with my current w.i.p.'s on the coffee table.

Stella has totally, 100% claimed this day bed as her own, she keeps all of her toys on it, and can often be found curled up among the pillows. The pillows are still a work in progress, since Stella uses the space so much, everything has to be washable and ideally have some sort of pattern as to not immediately show off dirt that inevitable comes from having a dog. The black and white blanket that covers the bed is perfect for this, as are the two big print pillows that I made using this great fabric. The big white screen that is hanging on the wall was left in the loft by the previous tenant, we have plans of one day painting on it, but until then I think it's a neat graphic touch as is. And the framed photo of Stella might be a bit much, but it's just our little nod to Stella, the day bed is now sort of her throne.

I've decided to embrace an eclectic look, nothing really matches, but hopefully that's ok, I just pick things that I like and hope that they end up going together. At least now we have one corner that I like to look at, and the rest is on its way.

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  1. Tanis this is Great!
    Nice idea here - Stella is wonderful!
    In my art room I also have the Magic Palette Color mixing guide - it looks great in your space.
    I just love reading and seeing what you are up to!

    You're just such a talent - it's so inspirational - I want to go home and redo my art room!



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